​​Fried  Crappie!


April 20, 2017

Another great day on Lake Sam Rayburn!  These two men came up from Houston and wow, did we ever have a good time.  When I got through cleaning and bagging their fish, they went home with 4 full quart bags of beautiful filets.  Plus they receive a video of their fishing trip.  Come join the fun.  Go to the "Rate" page, pick out a day on the calender, and book a trip.  We'll have a great time!

Caught 50 but only kept these 12 huge slabs


April 14, 2017

Caught lots of crappie today includig this one.  The gentleman pictured here is a Vietnam veteran from Orange, Tx.  He and two other family members fished brush piles with me. We had a great time.  Crappie were hitting minnows.  Every day more and more crappie are moving back out to the brush piles and setting up for the summer pattern.  


Caught all our crappie today on pink head jig.  All were huge.  This was one that my friend caught. 


May 2, 2017

If you don't like what you see here, something is definitely wrong with you.  Just kidding!  These guys went out with me for a half day.  From 7:00 am until 12:00 noon, they probably caught 175 crappie!  They kept their limit of 50 as shown in the picture.  I also cleaned and bagged them and they went home with 6 quart bags of crappie filets.  Plus they receive pictures and a video.  To watch them in action, click on VIDEOS above and look at Mike and Doc.  These guys are repeat customers and are always alot of fun.


Nice couple from Houston came up to fish 1/2 day guide trip with me.  Caught their limit!

February 8, 2018

Nice couple from Chicago that decided to come down and do some crappie fishing.  I guided them in the north end of Lake Sam Rayburn, up the Angelina River.  Water was ​​​​​​49 degrees.  Crappie were caught on minnows.  The crappie she's holding is a 1.79 lb.  Her personal best crappie!

​​Great Day!


Lake  Sam  Rayburn


​Another great day fishing!  A good friend of mine for over 40 years (right) and I caught these 50 beautiful, large crappie this morning.  He is also holding up 2 bass caught while fishing for crappie.  The biggest bass weighed 3.15 lbs.  Really alot of fun!

Nice family from Central Texas came over and fished for two days.  They enjoyed their stay at our cottage and went home with 11 quart bag of fileted crappie, pictures, and videos.  Had a great time with them.  Good people!​​​​

  • Miles and Miles of Texas3:22

​​Crappie - White Perch - Sac a lait

Tim Hollis


June 19, 2017

Father/Son caught limit of 50 crappie.  Father is a repeat customer from Nacogdoches.  He's alot of fun!


April 24-25, 2017

Great 4 day guide trip with this couple from West Texas.  Caught hundreds of crappie.  At the end of 4 days they went home with 20 quart bags of filet crappie.  We had a great time.  They were alot of fun!


August 14, 2017

​These 3 guys from Lake Charles, La came and wacked them!  63 nice crappie.  Even though it was a windy day, they caught them on minnows straight lining brush piles.  Go to the video section and watch them in action.  It's called "Carl Harrison & Friends".  Awesome day.  Awesome fishermen.


March 29, 2017

Great guys from Nacogdoches.  Caught crappie on roadrunners over hydrilla.  The crappie in the picture weighed 2.18.  His personal best crappie.  Great ​day!

Brandy Walker


Nice Father/Son guide trip. The Father arranged the guide trip as a birthday present for his son.  They caught their limit of crappie on December 16th. Probably 25 of them had to be netted.  They were very happy because earlier in the November and December they loaded their freezers with deer meat. Catching these crappie just topped off a great year.  In addition to a great crappie trip, they received an edited video of themselves actually catching crappie.  This young man will probably be showing the video of this day to his grand children!

​​  Crappie Tacos!


Caught 20 in just a couple of hours before the rain.  This big slab weighed 1.89 lbs!

​​  Pan Fried Crappie!


This is Jacob.  Nice young man and a great fisherman.  His Dad booked a trip with me and we had a blast!  This is what his Dad wrote and posted on Facebook, "This was our catch from today. The guide service was great! We enjoyed Camoriver Guide Service."


October 13, 2017

These men are from Texas City, Tx. The crappie were in transition, moving off the brush piles and headed to the tributaries.  However, they managed to catch some very large crappie as seen in this picture.

These two guys have been friends since the first grade.  What a awesome thing it is to have friends for that many years!  It was my privilege to guide  them.

Mark Manhart


Took out this nice couple on a very windy day in November.  Caught 38 crappie on jigs and minnows.  Their fishing trip was captured with edited GoPro video so they can share their good time with friends and family.


Windy Day and still these two guys caught their limit of 50 crappie.  Minnows on brush piles did the trick.  Click on video above and check out their edited video!

Ashley Morgan


July 3, 2017

Father from Houston took his two sons fishing. Even your kids don't like fishing, please do something with them involving outdoors.  Get them off the cell phones and video games, and I believe they will be well rounded people in the future.  Congratulations to this Dad!


July 5, 2017

Repeat customer brought his two step-girls on a Camoriver Guide Service crappie trip.  All the crappie were monsters.  But we had one surprise!  Lurking around one of the brush piles was this 4.8 lb bass.  She caught it using a 9' spinning rod/20 lb. braid/#2 gold hook/minnow.  Had a great day.  These two girls were a blast and you can see it on their faces.



January 14, 2017  

Took this young man and his parents out on a beautiful, sunny, 74 degree day on Lake Sam Rayburn.  Had a great time.  Caught large crappie on jigs.  They received a free edited video of their fishing trip.  You too can preserve your fishing memories on video at no extra charge.  Go to the RATE page and book your trip  now!


 Couple from Dickenson, Tx caught 45 crappie on a tough day.  I cleaned,  bagged, and iced down their catch.  Very nice people!  Here's what she wrote on Facebook, "Don't know how else to add this, if your going to fish Sam Rayburn lake and want a guide he is your man. I felt like a Gold VIP member. Caught plenty of fish. Even though the weather didn't want to cooperate. Can't wait to come back and do it again."

​​  Grilled Crappie!


June 20, 2017

Grandmother & Grandson have a good time catching crappie.  They got lots of pictures and a great video!


Who says you can't catch crappie in November.  Five of these were right at two pounds!  Most were caught on jigs and a few were caught on minnows. This client was interested to know more about what crappie looked like on Lowrance down imaging.  We certainly had a great time.  Crappie fishing is absolutely outstanding here on Lake Sam Rayburn. 


October 4, 2017

These men are from Lake Charles, LA, also.  What happened is the guys in the picture above told these guys about Camoriver Guide Service, so they came up for a trip also.  And they went home with 60 nice crappie!  Plus pictures and an edited YouTube action video of their fishing trip.  We had a great time and I look forward to having them back again!